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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Report by the Board of Trade of Great Britain concerning the North Carolina judicial system, including cover letter
Great Britain. Board of Trade
April 16, 1767
Volume 07, Pages 447-448

[B. P. R. O. America and West Indies. Vol. 270.]
Letter from the Board of Trade to Secretary Lord Shelburne

Whitehall April 16th 1767.

My Lord,

In obedience to His Majesty's Commands signified to us in your Lordship's letter of the 9th instant, we herewith inclose to your Lordship a report of the Civil Establishments of the Governors, Judges and other Officers principally concerned in the administration of Justice in the several Colonies of North America, as far as can be collected from the materials in this Office

We are &ca

North Carolina

The establishment in North Carolina, consists of a Governor, Chief Justice, five Associate Judges and an Attorney General

The Governor, Chief Justice and Attorney General are appointed from home; the Associate Judges are appointed by the Governor.

The salary of the Governor is £1000 p ann: paid here in England out of the revenue of four and a half per cent payable on the produce of Barbadoes and the Seaward Islands exported.

The Chief Justice has a salary of £70 per annum, and the Attorney General of £80 per annum payable by Treasury Warrant out of the Quit Rents on Lands of North Carolina, and by an Act of that Province passed in the year 1762, the Chief Justice, the Associate Judges, and the Attorney General are to receive out of the Provincial Treasury

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certain allowances for holding the several Courts established by that Act in the five districts, into which that Colony is divided.

The annual amount of these allowances is to the Chief Justice about £150 and about half that sum to each of the Associate Judges, and to the Attorney General; but the Law that makes this Provision is temporary, and continued from time to time at the Discretion of the Assembly.