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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Regulators' Advertisement No. 8 - Minutes of a meeting of the Regulators
Regulators of North Carolina
April 30, 1768
Volume 07, Pages 731-732

[B. P. R. O. Am. & W. I. N. C. No. 216.]

At a general meeting of the regulators on April the 30th it was laid before us an Appointment of the Officers by the means of the Revd Mr Micklejohn to meet us the 11th day of May next to settle the several matters of difference between us and it was agreed on that we will send 12 men that we have chosen to meet on the said 11th day of May at Thomas Lindley's when We hope things will be set in a fair way for an amicable settlement and Mr Hamilton is appointed to contrive them a Copy hereof and bring from under our [their] hands if they will meet us.

John Pryor
John Marshall
Rednap Howell
Hermon Husband
John Burtson
William Maffet
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George Henry
William Cox
Charles Smith
Simon Dixon
James Hunter
Thomas Christian
John Butler

Appointed Settlers.


At a Convention of the Regulators & Associators held at George Adam Sallings [Sally's] on Rocky River April 30, 1768—The following Articles of Settlement and Oath were agreed on—

Instructions to the Settlers appointed by the Country.

1. Procure for us a List of the Taxables for the years of the two late Sheriffs with a list of the names of the insolvents and delinquents they returned.

2. Procure us a fair accompt of the money paid and to what uses applied with a citation of every Law for the same.

3. Procure us a Copy of all the several particulars of the Tax for 1767 with a Citation precisely of every Law for the same, endeavour to be satisfied in your judgment that it is agreeable to the intent and meaning of it so as you may be able to satisfy us.

4. Procure also an Account of the County and Parish Tax for the same year endeavouring in the same manner to inform yourslves of its agreableness in every particular.

5. Examine the true Cost by Law for Recording and proving Deeds.

6. Examine the true Cost by Law for Letters of Administration, Letters Testamentary, Indentures and Fees in Common Law.

The form of the Oath or Declaration.

We do swear or declare that we will in all the above mentioned Articles of the Settlement between the Officers and the Country do equal right and justice after our cunning, wit and power according to Law as far as we know or can find out that we will not wrong any for Fee, Gift or Reward but will truly act honestly as Settlers for the Country and that We will not suffer any Officer to have his Oath in any matter depending before us but will have them settle according to Law producing Receipts and other sufficient Discharges for the Countrys money with Lists of the Insolvents for every year.