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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Regulators' Advertisement No. 9 - Petition from the Regulators concerning public fees
Regulators of North Carolina
May 1768
Volume 07, Pages 733-737

-------------------- page 733 --------------------
[B. P. R. O. A. & W. I. N. C. No. 216.]

To the Governor & Councill &c.

The humble Petition of us the Subscribers sheweth that We the Inhabitants of Orange County pay larger Fees for recording Deeds than any of the adjacent Counties and many other Fees more than the Law allows by all that We can make out from which a jealosie prevails that we are misused and application has been made to our representatives to satisfy us But we were disregarded in the said application upon which the said discontent growing more and more so as to threaten a disturbance of the public peace, we therefore beg that those matters may be taken under your serious consideration and interpose in our Favour so that we may have a fair hearing in this matter and [be] redressed where we have been wronged Our complaints are too numerous and long to be notified in a Petition, but have sent herewith copies of the Applications Petitions &c that has been made on this Occasion with a small sketch of our Misusage and begging your protection and aprobation in so just and equitable an undertaking and an opportunity to be heard We conclude your humble Petitioners.

Simon Hadley
John Wilson
William Copeland Junr
John Youngblood
Joseph Park
William Dunkin
John Bullen
William Inglish
John Marshills
James Barnes
Thos Youngblood
William Caps
Peter Youngblood
Nickless Brewer
Abram Bradley
George Wilson
Rednap Howell
Laurence Bradley
James Youngblood
David Smith
Charles White
Samuel Dark
William Copeland Senr
Joseph Clark
William Paine
Thomas Glover
James Wills
John Grubbs
Enoch Spinks
Benjamin Grubbs
James Barns
Eshmael Williams
John Erwin
Richd Copeland
Luke Welsh
David Brown
William Levy
Jacob McDanil
James Wilson
Brinceley Barnes
Neheh Williams
Andre Jones
Eron Harlow
Enoch Pugh
Ulrick Whit
John Maudlin
Matthew Davis
John Baxtor
John Henderson
Alex: Kenedy
-------------------- page 734 --------------------
John Bricks
Marton Firnier
Walter Walsh
John Crow
John Ramsey
Mansfield Crow
Richard Smith
Will Boilstone
Thomas Waller
David Thornton
Larance Muchucenes
Tho. Alexanders
Thomas Riddle
Eron Stinton
Jacob Grigg
Jeremiah Melton
Andrew Culbison
Jacob Grigg
Jonie Maudlin
Robert Wilkins
Henry Bray
Randolph Check
Nath: Henderson
Henry Welch
Benjamin Maudlin
Thomas Moore
Nicholas Barker
James Willet
William Sanders
Thomas Cox
Charles Landron
Tho. Branson
Jesse Harrison
Aaron Evans
Josiah Rogers
John Hart
Jereh Duckworth
Thomas Thornton
John Fike
Noel Brur
Saml Culberson
John Smith
George Adam Salling
Thomas Pugh
Daniel Smith
Frances Dorset
Edward Teage
Adam Moser
William Jons
Jn Hornaday
Jacob Whit
James Emberson
Enoch Davis
Edward Bray
Thos Sellers
Rich: Henderson
Thomas Hamm

To another Petition the same as the last were subscribed the following names viz

Henry Smith
Solomon Cox
John Murphey
Cornelius Latham
Thomas Jones
Joseph Carr
Alexr Awtry
Thomas Bailey
Frederick Temple
Thomas Hopper
Thomas Craven
John White
Richard Webb
James Murray
John Graves
Daniel McCay
James Copeland
David Jackson
William Green
John Penton
Edward Moore
Peter Cravin
William Hutson
Peter Craven
Jacob Horn
Math: English
Joseph Craven
Calib Dixon
Patrick Calley
James Pugh
Wm Henderson
Ayen Brady
John Raines
Abrm Hammer
John Sidewell
John Tarrance
Neh: Howard
Richd Hutson
Saml Latham
Saml Barker
Wm Moffit
Peter Vonstrauoer
Thomas Needom
John Pugh
Adam Andriss
Wm Needom
Joseph Sutton
Conrad Andriss
Joshua Edwards
Jeffrey Beck
-------------------- page 735 --------------------

Also to a third Petition of the same kind were the following Names.

George Raines
Thomas Grames
Nehemiah Odle
Joseph Henson
Patrick Kelly
Edward Lang
Timothy Tukins
Prusley Wren
Abraham Stroud
William Henson
Harmon Cox
Walter Ashmore.
Stephen Harlan

There is also on loose sheets of Paper the following names which it is presumed were subscribed to the above Petition—

Jacob Fudge
John Fudge
Thos Hendrey Senr
George Hendrey
Thos Hendrey Junr
Gidn Gilbert Senr
James Williams
James Maudlin
John Fruit
John Macvay
Benjamin Maudlin
Richard Smith
Gidn Gilbert junr
Daniel Brown
Thomas Swift
Charles Goldstone
James his X mark Hugh
Jacob Marshill
Wm Drinkin
John Boe
Joshua Hadley
Charles Miles
James Willet
John Acuage
Daniel Dowdy
Isaac Brooks
John Croswell
John Miles senr
Wm Tomson
Muicher Lille
Robert Wilkins
John Brooks
Jacob Dobbins
Wm Bannistor
James Brooks
Ely Branson
Wm Wilkins
Walter Welch
Tho. Thorntown
Alex: Wilkins
Ge Adam Salling
Jno Marswaine
Wm Caps
Thos Fullar
Thos Beaty
Francis Pooey
Jno Youngblood
Thos Wilborne
Randol Check
Peter Youngblood
Thos Moon
Jerem: Melton
Amos Vernon
Samuel Skin
John Miles junr
James Brown
Wm Marly
Nathaniel Powel
Robert Brown
John Cowen
Oyen Doud
Jonathan Davis
Daniel Sanders
Neh: Howard
Thos. Davis
Uldric White
Umfrey Pooey
Jesse Hadly
Gilbard Croswell
Thomas Miles
Abra: Thornton
Peter Givil
Wm Barber
John Smith
Hendry Senderman
Richd Barber
John Brox
John Paterson
Solomon Morgan
Nich: Aldridge
John Barton
John Wilkins
Roger Marfey
John Bery
Wm Learey
Wm Tague
Will Smith
Philip Hartzo
Howel Brooer
Slan Richardson
-------------------- page 736 --------------------
Marverick Layux
Charles White
Aquila Jones
Jonathan Gilbert
James Aldridge
Charles Jones
Joshua Gilbert
Wm Ward
Thomas Jones
John Miles junr
James Brantley
John Moris
John Maudlin
Benj: Braswell
Jas Oliver
Joseph Boggs
John York
John Barnes
John Noe
Robert Delap
Thos. Greaves
John Hilton
Enoch Pugh
James Ramsey
Larance Marmanee
John Shiphard
Wm Greaves
John Capin
Tho. Roberson
Richard Wineham
Nath: Henderson
Charles Clauton
James Ellis
Wm Croswell
Nichlos Coplin
John Duncum
Daniel Winter
Argulus Henderson
Wm Alrid senr
Frances Cheny
Benjm Clanton
Wm Alrid junr
Michael Ramsouer
Valentine Corlin
Wm Norton
John White
Nicklos Coplin
Thos Ranetalor
John Hart
John Fuller
Wm Craswill
Zach: Harman
Thos Fuller
John Craswill
Rubin Landrum
Thos Coplin
Thos Belhany
Tho: Sellers
Joshay Fuller
Archey Lane
Hermon Husbans
James Bly
Wm Cane
Nimian Hamilton J
no McClewland
Thos Melone
Wm Butler
James Aiken
James Davis
Stephen Jones
Timothy Penton
James Christian
Peter Richerson
Joseph Routh
Thos Feutral
Sam Curtis
John Gapen
Jacob Rogers
Stephen Owen
Patrick McSwaine
Hyram Rogers
James Morgan
Drury Rollins
Sion Rogers
Thomas Green
Thos Wilson
Hysom Waver
Wm Ward
Peter Youngblood
Damsey Roles
James Burgiss
Thos Elick Sanders
James Younger
Barth: Dunn
John Wilkins
Wm Morrow
Wm Ward junr
Alex. Wilkins
Joseph Foshea
Philbert Wright
Howell Brewer
Wm Mitchell
Wm Hintrand
Philip Sitton
Wm Fany

There was also eleven Dutch names on this side which the English reader could not make out.

-------------------- page 737 --------------------
Jos. Jonson
John Fanin
Peter Ceinght
Thos Hill
James Moffitt
Wm Springfellow
Zekel Thomas
Joshua Hadley
Wm Walker
John Clap
George Cortner
Joseph Richerson
Wm Gillmore
Peter Cortner
John Par
Jesse Pugh
John Goble
Lodwick Clapp
Bartoledum Dun
Nicholas Goble
John Walker
Peter Julian junr
Philip Shew senr
Ezekel Cure
Joseph Chafen
George Navit
George Clap
Adam Larence
Nathan Aldridge
Tobias Clap
Tho. Kumian
John Morris
John Pleourt
Joseph Phipps
Timothy Code
Abrm Hilton
John Flemmin
James Hunter
Philip Shaw junr
John Phipps
Robert Walker
Barnit Swing
Peter Smith
Samuel Devine
Lodwick Swing
Peter Julian senr
James Sweany
Henry Strader
George Goble
Joseph Sweany
Christen Fall
Wm Kiniman
Tho. Hamilton
Conrad Shoemaker
Hugh Wyley
Wm Davis
Jacob Soots
James Phipps
Jerem: Fields
Michael Honest
Stephen Johns
Wm Jones
Jacob Droy
Wm Rancy
John Berry
Nich: Hillerman
Powel Glase
Jacob Johns senr
Christian Sike
Philip Glase senr
Jacob Johns junr
Jacob Christman
Philip Glase junr
Arch: Hamilton
John Luin
Christian Glase
David Ruine
James Low
James White
John McCoy
James Oliver
Augustin White
Ruddy Morgan
Jacob Stelie
George Glase
Archd McCoy
Henry Pickral

There are twenty names in Dutch which I can't read.