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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Minutes of the North Carolina Governor's Council
North Carolina. Council
May 12, 1770
Volume 08, Pages 199-201

[From MS. Records in the Office of Secretary of State.]

At a Council held at Brunswick 12th May 1770
His Excellency the Governor
The Honble James Hasell Esquire
The Honble Lewis DeRosset Esquire
The Honble John Rutherford Esquire
The Honble William Dry Esquire

His Excellency laid before the Board the following depositions of sundry Persons Inhabitants of Dobbs County—Vizt

North Carolina Dobbs County

Personally appeareth Samuel Caswell (Before me one of His Majestys

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Justices of the Peace for the said County) and being sworn upon the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God, deposeth and Saith—

That on Thursday the Twelfth day of April Instant, He with Sundry other persons went to assist the Sheriff in apprehending one Thomas Blake and also a certain John Curlee, who were charged with felony, and whom this deponent was informed kept themselves concealed in obscure places lying in wait to destroy such of the Kings subjects as had or should attempt to apprehend them—That a considerable number of Persons were Assembled on this Occasion, that some of those persons as this Deponent was informed met with and pursued the said outlying Felons into a large Swamp, the Deponent soon after joining the pursuers was informed the passage of the said Swamp in pursuit of the said Felons was impracticable—Whereupon it was concluded by the Sheriff and his party to proceed to some more convenient places where it was supposed the said Felons would retire; in order to endeavour to apprehend them. That on the said Party's passing the Aforesaid large Swamp at the Distance of three or four miles from the place the said Felons entered the same, When pursued, one James Lindsay—who was of the Sheriffs party was the first and the Deponent the Second of the said Party who entered the Swamp, that near the middle of the same the Deponent discovered the said two Felons, who immediately discharged their Firelocks at the said Lindsay, and this Deponent, as this Deponent verily believes, That by the shot fired by the Felons aforesaid the said James Lindsay received several mortal wounds of which he instantly died—And further this Deponent saith not

Sworn to before John Shine

Kingston April 14th 1770

At the same time Simon Bright Sheriff of the aforesaid County and Francis Mackilwean, John Garland and Richard Caswell, who were of the said Sheriffs party, appeared and on Oath declared the substance of the foregoing affidavit to be true to the best of their knowledge and belief.

Before John Shine.

April 16th 1770.
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Martin Caswell on Oath declares the substance of the within Affidavit is true.

Abrahm Sheppard Junr.

And desired that this Board would take the same into their serious Consideration. It is the unanimous opinion of this Board that a proclamation issue Offering a reward of One hundred pounds proclamation money to any person or persons, for apprehending each or either of the offenders charged with the murder of the said James Lindsay, and

Ordered, That a proclamation issue accordingly.

North Carolina—Ss.

By His Excellency William Tryon Esqr.

A Proclamation.

Whereas, I have received information on oath that a certain Thomas Blake and John Curlee have for some time past been committing repeated Felonies in the County of Dobbs, and that upon an attempt made to apprehend them by the Sheriff of the said County one of them fired upon a certain James Lindsay then in company with and assisting of the said Sheriff, from which firing the said Lindsay received a mortal wound of which he instantly died, and that the said Blake and Curlee are still in Contempt of all lawful process, and are daily using threats against the lives of several of His Majestys Subjects—To the end therefore that they may be apprehended and brought to Justice I do by the advice of His Majestys Council issue my Proclamation hereby commanding and strictly requiring all and every officer and Minister of Justice and all other persons whatsoever within this Province to be aiding and assisting in and to use all lawful ways and means for apprehending the said Thomas Blake and John Curlee—And I do hereby offer a reward of one hundred pounds proclamation money for apprehending and securing each or either of the said offenders so that they may be tryed and convicted of the aforesaid Felony.

Given under my hand and the Great Seal &c.


Ordered, That Solomon Alston Junr and Robert Dickens be added to the Commission of the Peace and Dedimus for the County of Granville, and that the Chairman of the said Court be directed to insert their names in the Commission and Dedimus accordingly.