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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Circular letter from William Tryon to commanding officers of the North Carolina militia
Tryon, William, 1729-1788
March 19, 1771
Volume 08, Pages 540-542

[B. P. R. O. Am. & W. Ind. No. Carolina. Vol. 218.]
Copy of His Excellency Governor Tryon's Letter to the commanding
Officers of several Regiments of Militia.

Newbern 19th March 1771.


I yesterday determined by consent of his Majesty's Council to march with a Body of Forces taken from several Militia Regiments, into the settlements of the Insurgents to reduce them to Obedience, who by their rebellious Acts and Declarations have set the Government at defiance and interrupted the course of Justice by obstructing overturning and shutting up the Courts of Law. That some of your Regiment therefore may have a share in the Honor of serving their Country in this important Service, I am to require you to make choice of —— Men out of the Volunteers of the —— Regiment, with Officers and noncommissioned Officers in proportion to the following Regulations, to which you will pay the strictest Regard.

Each Company to consist of one Captain, one Lieutenant, one Ensign, two Sergeants, two Corporals, one Drummer, a Clerk and fifty private Men, with a Field Officer and an Adjutant to the Detachment, the supernumerary Officers that are willing to march

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will be entitled only to provisions, and the pay of private men, if they choose to accept of that pay.

Every man to be allowed forty shillings for an encouragement to serve in this expedition and to be entitled to receive two shillings a day while in Service, the eight pence per day for provisions being stopped for the commissaries who have contracted to serve the troops with provisions; each Man will also have a pair of Leggings, a Cockade and a Haversack given him, which you are to furnish, and when delivered and a certificate thereof produced signed by the commanding Officer of the Regiment I will give you a Warrant on the Treasury for the amount as well as for the forty shillings per man you shall advance as Bounty Money.

The Ration of provisions to each man p. day is one pound of pickled pork and one pound of Wheat Flour or one pound and a half of fresh Beef instead of pork and one pound and a half of Corn Meal instead of Flour when ordered. Each company to be allowed a strong commodious Cart with two able Horses to carry the Baggage of the men to be provided by the Colonel of the Regiment or Captain of the Company and the owner to be allowed seven shillings and six pence p. day while employed in the service he finding his own Horse with corn. If a wagon is hired it must carry the Baggage of two Companies to be provided as above and fifteen shillings p. day to be allowed for it on the same conditions as for the Carts. The Wagoners will be allowed to draw their Rations of provisions as soldiers but to have no pay.

The men must be made sensible the better they are provided with Arms and necessaries the better condition they will be in to serve their King and Country. No Volunteer to be accepted but those who are hearty, spirited and can submit to a ready obedience to orders nor any soldier allowed to take his Horse as the whole will march on Foot, the officers to take as few Horses as possible.

It is not intended to move the Troops before the twentieth of next month before which time you shall be informed of the day you are to assemble your men, the time of march and the Road you are to take.

It is recommended as a Christian Duty incumbent on every planter that remains at home, to take care of and assist to the utmost of his abilities the Families of those men who go on this service that neither their Families nor plantations may suffer while they are employed on a service where the interest of the whole is concerned.

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For the Expenditures ordered on this Expedition I shall give printed Warrants payable to the Bearers, these Warrants will become negotiable until the Treasury can pay them out of the contingent Fund in case there is not a sufficiency of money in the Treasury ot answer the necessary Services of this Expedition.