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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Josiah Martin to William Legge, Earl of Dartmouth
Martin, Josiah, 1737-1786
May 18, 1775
Volume 09, Pages 1257-1258

[B. P. R. O. Am. & W. Ind.: No. Carolina. Nos. 222 and 229.]
Letter from Governor Martin to the Earl of Dartmouth.

North Carolina, New Bern, May 18th, 1775.

My Lord,

I have had the honor to receive your Lordships Dispatch No. 15 informing me of the approbation given by the Lords of the Treasury to the Form of a Bill for the more effectual payment, and collection of the Quit Rents, which I transmitted to your Lordship for consideration, and signifying to me His Majesty's commands to use my endeavours that a Law may be passed conformable thereto in this Province.

I am to assure your Lordship, that nothing on my part shall be wanting to promote this object of so great importance, and that I will use every means in my power to obtain a Provision in the

-------------------- page 1258 --------------------
Law for the case to which the observation of the Lords of the Treasury applies. I shall rejoice to find that the agents employed by the Assembly to make their representations concerning the Law of Attachment, have proposed anything that is acceptable to Government, and likely to lead to a satisfactory determination of the disputes on that head.

I cannot help again strenuously recommending to your Lordship the expediency of the King's doing of himself, that Act of grace which His Majesty was pleased to leave in the power of the Legislature here to do by the Insurgents, it will confirm a large body of people here in loyalty and duty to their Sovereign, who have in this time of disaffection evinced the best dispositions to Government, and will have a far better effect flowing immediately from his Royal Majesty, than if it should be modified by the Legislature in the first instance, as in proportion to the merit the Assembly might take to itself in the case, it would diminish the Graces of the Crown. It might humbly advise, my Lord, the Pardon should be general, with exception only of Hermon Husbands and Rednap Howell, the last of whom I did not mention in my former dispatch on this Subject, but I have since recollected that he is fit to be excepted.

I have long wished to receive the Royal disallowance of the present inadequate system of Court Laws, that effectual Court Laws might be established by the Royal Prerogative, for I fear, my Lord, the Assembly will not suddenly pass a Law for the permanent establishment of any Courts of Justice. Your Lordship will receive herewith enclosed, a Petition of certain people in the County of Anson in this Province, to His Majesty on the Subject of Lands, which I had the honor to mention to your Lordship in a former Dispatch.

I have the honor to be &c,