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Letter from James Green to Richard Caswell
Green, James, ca. 1737-1784
December 17, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 697-698

[From Executive Letter Book.]


I have considered the offer your Excellency was kind enough to communicate to me respecting the purchasing sundry articles for

-------------------- page 698 --------------------
the Soldiery, and find by a letter from Captain Bartleson now at Baltimore that Deer Skins are selling there from 12 shillings 6 pence to 15 shillings in the hair according to their quality. Sole leather here, about 5 shillings, upper ditto I can not ascertain a price, but from all appearances and the great call for those articles they will rise.

The purchase of those articles, in the manner they must be bought and from a great variety of sellers must be attended with much trouble, and the necessary riding about to engage and collect them together will be expensive. I therefore submit it to your Excellency whether 15 per cent will be thought too unreasonable to the purchasers as a Compensation, for their Commissions, trouble and expense, in performing this business. Will it not be thought justifiable, to give the purchasers a latitude, in case those articles should take a rise, of which I am apprehensive they will, whilst they can by any means be conveyed up the bay.

Say Deer Skins not to exceed
Sole leather
Upper ditto in proportion.

Notwithstanding they may be engaged to the best advantage.

I am your Excellency's obdt. Servt.

Newbern, 17th Dec. 1777.