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Letter from James Green to Richard Caswell
Green, James, ca. 1737-1784
February 14, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 47-48

[From Executive Letter Book.]

New Bern 14th Febry 1778.

Dear Sir:

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to get the Justices to sign a warrant for the seizing of sundry Goods, said to belong to Savage & Westmore, which I have got stored with the other goods bought of French Merchants. Mr Ellis and Doctor Gaston refused signing the warrant or having any hand in the seizure, alleging there was no law empowering them so to do, and that it might subject themselves to a law suit, of which perhaps the public would not bear the expense. I did not see Mr. Davis, who I expect would have signed the warrant, him excepted if it had not been for Mr Leech and Mr Tisdale, (who did sign) I think I should not have been able to effect this matter. Enclosed you have the Invoice of the Goods above mentioned, the pieces of which cannot yet be ascertained, neither can I tell the exact quantity of Blankets in each

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bale, but if I may guess from the one I had of the French Merchant there are about fifty. I have employed Jacky Moore to carry this letter to your Excellency for which he is to have four pounds.

No news. I set out for my Father's directly.

I am your Ob. huml. servt.

Weight of the enclosed Invoice 1880 ℔.