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Letter from Thomas Craike to Richard Caswell
Craike, Thomas
February 21, 1778
Volume 13, Page 51

-------------------- page 51 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Wilmington Febry 21 1778.

I expected to have had the pleasure of waiting on your Excellency before this, but my long delay in Charles Town (occasioned by the unhappy fire) and the loss of my horses here, has detained me much longer than I intended. I purchased in Charles Town 64 blankets, which was all I could get, and about 2000 yds of plains fit for clothing, or to make into blankets. The fire happening two days before my arrival there, rendered it impossible for me to procure the clothing I wanted to purchase, as all the blankets that could be found were directed to be bought to supply the unfortunate sufferers, who had lost their bedding &c., &c. Captain Reicot has some blankets and woolens which would suit the Army, but he holds them at a very high rate. His blankets will exceed 8 ℔ each and very coarse, pr Ell cloth, not better than negro cloth, at 14 shillings pr yd. If he will take loan certificates, the only payment I can make him, I will if possible purchase what will suit the Troops before I go to Halifax. I have been obliged to borrow money to make my purchases in Charles Town, and when I shall be able to repay it, is very uncertain, from the low state of our treasury, or the prospect I have of getting money for my certificates.

If your Excellency has any commands I shall be glad to receive them at Halifax, or by the return of the express, if it comes within 8 days, as I intend to go for Halifax at that time if not before. I have the honor to be your Excellency's ob. Servt.