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Letter from Andrew Armstrong to Richard Caswell
Armstrong, Andrew
February 22, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 52-53

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Halifax Febry 22d. 1778.


Your Excellency may possibly remember that the amount of the public money which I drew was £200, out of which I have paid 104,10 dol. which I at any time can support by well authenticated certificates. The redundant money I am willing to settle for, I have received no pay nor rations since the 1st of April, but is informed that Mr. Mosely our paymaster received £1500, last Assembly for the purpose of paying the 6th B. but has never appeared at this place,—I am at a loss to know if I am to strike a general balance, or to refund the money, on my hands and receive my pay from the paymaster. There are several others under similar circumstances. Col: Long has seen my accounts; providing he is at the Council he can give his opinion. I would not be thought to assume the insolence of a dictator but am pursuaded from sundry reasons that it is vain to keep public money in the hands of regular officers for the purpose of recruiting, as the bounty offered by us will be entirely eclipsed by that which will be offered for Militia Volunteers, nor does the disparity stop there, some of the gentlemen belonging to the State of Virginia, who have been drafted, have come into this State, and offered extraordinary bounties, a recent instance of which I was informed of a few days ago, by a certain Mr. Williams who keeps tavern by Col: Henderson's in Granville county; he told me that some

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gentlemen had been at his house that morning and offered two thousand pounds for procuring 20 men, besides the bounty proposed in Virginia; and for the purpose of procuring them, sent out a man that lodges at this Williams', the man's name I disremember, he formerly did business for a company in Virginia. Perhaps Col: Taylor may know him from this description. The bearer can also inform your Excellency of some persons now gone from the State of Virginia to Tarborough to attend at Court, for the same purpose. I am the more particular in this relation as I am persuaded it may be worthy the attention of your Excellency and the Honorable Council. I am Sir, with all possible deference and respect your Excellency's very humble servant,


P. S. The officers here would be glad to know by whom they are to be paid their back rations.

A. A.