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Letter from Richard Caswell to Willis Wilson
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
May 26, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 138-139

[From Executive Letter Book.]

New Bern 26th May 1778.


I had your latter of the 21st Inst. and am very much concerned at the account you give me of the rascally behavior of Pilots. At present I do not know that it is in my power to do any thing with them, if I find it is they shall be treated as they deserve. Mr. Bond has promised to give me a list of them. The Assembly directed a Tender to be purchased by Capt. Easton at Beaufort. He advised me he had made the purchase, and is fitting the Sloop for your purpose, the sooner you can send for her I think the better. Shot, Bread & flour is to be had here. I think you had best appoint an Agent, at this place to provide necessaries for the ship and Crew, who shall meet with every assistance I can give. The Ship is to be taken into the service of this State as the property of the State (by Resolve of the Assembly) arrears to be paid up, agreeable to a former Resolve, to the 20th April, last, and from that time forward the pay be as follows, viz: The Commander per day 3¼ dollars, Lieut 2¼ dollars, Doctor 2¾ dollars, Captain of Marines 2¼ dollars, Lieut. Marines 2 dollars, Master mate 1½ dollars, Midshipman 1½ dollars, Boatswain 1½ dollars, Common Sailors 35 dollars per month. I have appointed Capt. Easton paymaster to whom (if he accepts which you may know by writing to him) you will do well to send your account made up to the 20th of April, and from that time a monthly pay Roll according to the above establishments. I expect a considerable sum of money from

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Congress in two or three weeks, so soon as it arrives I shall advise Capt. Easton. Enclosed you will have Captain's and Lieutenant's Commission for the officers of Marines. An allowance was made by the Assembly for the Horse.

I will endeavour to get a certificate, and send you the money when that is sent to pay off your Crew.

I am, Sir,
Your obedient Servt,