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Letter from Richard Caswell to James Hogun
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
June 07, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 151-152

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Kingston 7th June 1778.


The Volunteers and Drafts, from the several Militia Regiments to complete the Continental Battalions raised in this State, being about to assemble, I recommend to you the following measures to be pursued. That an officer be sent immediately to every County to receive such men, and march with them and conduct them to the place of the Rendezvous agreeable to the Act of Assembly for raising them; that you appoint an officer to attend at Petersburg, and another at Peytonsburg, to receive the men whose business it shall also be to give each man a certificate of the time of his arrival at either of those places and return you at such time and place as you may think proper to direct, a list of persons who do appear at the said respective places and the time of their appearance. The reason I require this must be obvious to every one who reads the Law, the men being to be discharged at the end of nine months after the time of their arrival at the places, so that so soon as 250 or 300 men arrive at Halifax, Petersburg or Peytonsburg, you order them on, and so from time to time, as they arrive, until the whole have marched, as I conceive the marching the men by small divisions will be most convenient in the hot and dry season, and may be a means of rendering more essential service to the States.

You see I wish you to remain until the last division marches. My reason for this is that I know that you will exert all your powers and influence to get the Troops on, and that perhaps might not be the case with every Gentleman, in the service, and as I do not know who might be left I cannot consent to your going on until the whole have marched. This I hope will not only be

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excused by you, but also by the Commanding officer at Head Quarters, as my only motive is the good of the Service. Let me entreat you to inform me from time to time, until you leave Petersburg of your proceedings in this very necessary and essential Business and the numbers you receive from the different Counties, that I may use my utmost endeavours to get forwarded all delinquents. I am with very great regard and esteem Sir,

Your mo. ob. Servt.