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Letter from Thomas Craike to Richard Caswell
Craike, Thomas
June 09, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 154-155

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Edenton, June 9th 1778.


I came here last Friday, and I think it my duty to inform your Excellency that Goods have fallen considerably in this place, and have fallen more in Virginia. A French 58 Gun Ship, and a Brig Merchant has arrived in Virginia, with very large Cargoes, and by letters, we are informed that they are purchased by the State.

-------------------- page 155 --------------------

Several vessels have arrived at the Bar, and a Sloop came up here on Sunday evening from France, she has on board, for the Cont. 13,000 pair of shoes, a large quantity of clothing, and a marble Monument for Genl Montgomery. We have letters from the Northward that 30 sail vessels have arrived at Boston, and many more have arrived in other parts of the Eastern ports. The Continental Agents are ordered not to purchase at present, upon the whole I believe that Goods will be more plenty than they ever were. I am the only purchaser at present. I have bought a few pieces of blue Cloth, and 1200 yds of linen, for the officers which I have sent to Halifax. Goods are very plenty in Town. I could have had any quantity, but I declined purchasing more than would be necessary for the officers who are to march. Doc. Savage and his partners have made a late purchase of 130,000, what they will do with the large quantity in hand, I know not. I am certain they will meet a sale for them in Virginia or to the No'wd.

I have the honor to be your Excellency's ob. hble. Servt.