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Letter from Richard Cogdell to Richard Caswell
Cogdell, Richard, 1724-1787
June 09, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 155-156

[From Executive Letter Book.]

NewBern, 9th June 1778.

Dr Sir:

I have sent you enclosed some more letters and newspapers; since my last, a vessel from France has lately arrived in our port with dry Goods and others arrived in Virginia. I hope these arrivals will be in a measure a means of lowering the price of Goods. Doctr. Savage is now in Town, and I dare say would be glad of his prime cost of his large purchase from Capt. Cottineau. I am told that by way of vendue has been talked of for the disposal of them by those enemies, extortioners, and monopolizers of every thing which distress our Country. I hope many Goods will be on hand, and silk in their pockets, a considerable part of the ill gotten gain.

-------------------- page 156 --------------------

This day I expect the trial of Davis and Gaston will be by the Doctr urged for trial which the people will put off if they can, and the trial of Davis' apprentice, enlisted with Col. Chariol. The disturbance of Davis' riot seems to abate, and is less talked of for the present, the contending parties Davis and Gaston, have brought their quarrel to a settled point, each racking their Brains and invention, how they may most injure each other. What a wretched Brute is man when abandoned.

The proclamation of Congress respecting our Privateers and armed vessels was sent me by Post. I gave Mr. Davis one to publish, and set one in the most public place. The address of Congress to the people of America at large was published in the Virginia papers, but Mr. Davis will insert them in his paper this week. Your Excellency will receive this by way of another letter, could wish I had something more entertaining to communicate for want of which must conclude with respectful compliments to Mrs Caswell, &c., &c., and am your Excellency's ob. Servt.