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Letter from Thomas Robeson to Richard Caswell
Robeson, Thomas
June 14, 1778
Volume 13, Page 161

[From Executive Letter Book.]

14th June 1778.


I am at a loss to know how I am to get money to pay the Volunteer Militia, I balloted men in this County of Bladen, not having money to pay them, they will not march 'till they are paid. I have been informed by our members that the money in the hands of the land entry takers is to be applied to that use, but having very little of that money in hand in this County, it already being paid into the Treasury at the first of April, it is out of my power to have them paid, and I should be greatly obliged to you for instruction how and where the money is to be had, and also by act of Assembly for clothing the men, it specifies that distress shall be made on persons refusing or neglecting to furnish their proportional part, but it does not specify who is to be ordered to execute the distress, neither sheriff, Constable, Sergeants or myself, or any other person, and I should be greatly obliged to you for some instructions as speedily as is convenient, as we have some disaffected persons that I expect must be distressed for their part, and your favor in instructing me will greatly oblige your humble servant,


I have about six or seven hundred dollars for land entries which I have paid some of them in part.

T. R.