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Letter from Richard Caswell to Griffith Rutherford
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
November 07, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 267-269

-------------------- page 267 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Kingston, 7th November 1778.


I have lately received (by Express from Congress) that recent and repeated accounts have been received by them of the Enemy's design to make an attack on South Carolina, and that an embarkation of Troops for that purpose had actually commenced at New York, previous to the 18th ulto. which had induced Congress to request the Governor of Virginia and the Governor of this State to forward with all expedition the men formerly required to be sent for the defence of South Carolina and Georgia, and also that an additional number of 2000 men be raised in this State and forwarded by me with all possible expedition to Charles Town at the charge of the Continent, at the same time Congress have assured me that the necessary remittance of money for payment of these Troops would be made in a few days.

I am therefore to request you will forward the detachment lately ordered from your Brigade to Kingston with all possible expedition, and that you proceed to raise from your Brigade the further number required in the enclosed List, to be officered agreeable to the Militia Law, having regard to the number already raised and to be raised in the respective Counties. These men you will be pleased to Rendezvous at Kingston and Elizabeth Town on the 25th Instant, (November) where they as well as the former will receive (on their arrival) their respective Bounties. I hope you have appointed Contractors or Commissaries or both, to purchase and issue provisions to the men from your Brigade until their arrival here. If that is not done let me entreat you to do it, not only for those who are expected here the 10th Instant, but also the men now required. The whole of your men required for this service you will please to direct to be fitted out in the best manner the times will admit, with arms and Camp necessaries.

-------------------- page 268 --------------------


The foregoing is a Copy of what I have written to Genl. Butler and nearly similar to what I have wrote to the other General officers. I should have sent off the express yesterday, but I expected Mr. Blount the paymaster here, on his way to your Camp, but his not coming has obliged me to send this express. The money is arrived from the Northward, the balance of my Draft for 500,000 Dollars, from which I have and shall borrow for our present exigencies, and replace the same on the arrival of the money to pay these Troops. Pray push on the men as fast as possible to Charles Town. The late accounts are alarming. If you can send your Brigade, in two or three divisions, it will be best. You will appoint a Purchasing and an issuing Commissary, who ought to give security in ten thousand pounds for the faithful discharge of their respective offices, and applying and accounting for what money they may receive from time to time in virtue of their appointments. The Bond must be payable to the Governor and his successors for the use of the State. Money for the Commissaries shall be sent up with the paymaster whom I every moment expect and will send, on his arrival directly to you.

Give me leave to recommend to you some discreet good man, capable of serving you in character of Secretary, who will be able to enter your orders in the most minute manner and issue Copies, write despatches, and other occasional matters. Such a man a little acquainted with Military matters you will find very useful to you, and the public; if such an one cannot be employed in your part of the Country, please to let me know and I will look out for one and recommend to you. Direct your purchasing Commissary to be very particular in keeping accounts of every particular purchase he makes, and to take receipts to be produced as vouchers, on settlement of his accounts. The money that will be advanced him from time to time, will be continental, so that he may engage in any of the States, that money in payment. Let me know by return of the Bearer what time you think your first Division will reach Cambden, and if possible a Division from the lower Brigade will join them; but don't let them wait; if you do not go on with the first division, write to the Governor of South Carolina, and also to the commanding officer of the Continental

-------------------- page 269 --------------------
Troops there, acquainting them of the number of Troops you have forwarded and at what time you expect to proceed with the remainder of your Brigade. Of all Public Letters, Despatches, and orders you are required to keep copies, and send me duplicates of them, to the end that I may, (or the commanding officer) judge of the necessary measures to be taken in pursuance of the same.

Thus Sir, I have wrote fully what occurs to me at present; if any thing further I will write you by the paymaster and others as occasion may require.

I am Dr General, with very great esteem & respect Sir,
Yr mo. obedt. Servt.
R. C.