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Letter from Griffith Rutherford to Richard Caswell
Rutherford, Griffith, ca. 1721 - 1805
November 15, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 282-283

[From Executive Letter Book.]

November 15th 1778.


This Inst at six Oclock P. M. your Express Mr. Shute arrived by whom I acquaint your Excellency that I have already appointed the day of Rendezvous to be on the 19th Inst.; the 20th I hope to march to Charles Town with the first Division, and expect to reach Cambden by the 30th Inst. I think it expedient to march with the first Division myself and leave behind some Commanding officer who may cause this additional aid to be raised and fitted with all the necessary implements of War. Upon the receipt of your former Express I appointed Contractors, and an issuing Commissary.

-------------------- page 283 --------------------

I return your Excellency many thanks for your salutary advice in directing me to make choice of a Discreet active man for my Secretary. I hope to find one in this District equal to the office.

No Troops can be expected from Washington County. The Commanding officers in that County gives a lamentable representation of their condition. Their whole strength is employed in the suppression of the Savages and other inhuman hostile wretches, who have their livelihood from Carnage and Rapine. When I take a speculative view of the matter, think it prudent not to draft out of that County, Men, arms or Ammunition.

We have many malevolent implacable Enemies who range from place to place embracing every opportunity which presents itself to disseminate sedition amongst the Inhabitants. These sons of darkness have not once neglected an opportunity of doing a disservice when it was in their power. A favorable one is now in view. Our Troops, our Magazines and a vast quantity of provision for the support of nature, all drafted from our assistance. Our unchristian foes in strong alliance with savage enemy, might probably at this time think of revenging themselves. Some part of our ammunition we will detain and will expect all the Military Stores, from the lower Districts that can be spared. We don't think to lack in our aid to South Carolina notwithstanding the number of men which were to be raised from Washington County will be equally distributed over the whole District; by this means we will have our Quota, and not be distressed. Your opinion of this I should be glad to have. I remain with greatest respect Sir,

Your mo. ob. Servt.