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Letter from Samuel Jarvis to Richard Caswell
Jarvis, Samuel
November 16, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 285-286

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Currituck Liberty Plains, 16th Nov. 1778.


A petition from the Inhabitants of the Banks will be handed your Excellency which I beg to signify certain matters of fact. The coast is much infested at this time with the enemy which are constantly landing men and plundering, being short of provisions will hazard their lives to gain. Yesterday Goodrich in his Sloop came in Currituck Inlet and burnt two outward bound vessels with good cargoes on board; also killed several cattle before the Inhabitants could get to their relief, it being five or six miles distance from the main land. Those who live in the Banks, as well as on the Island of Roanoke, are near and has often kept off Boats when coming to plunder. If those people are taken away, their families certainly will suffer, both from the enemy and want of

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Bread, as they all get it in small boats at this season of the year—a great scarcity likely to take place. Corn now is two pounds per barrel, and hard to get at any rate, being destroyed by a late storm of wind. (Please excuse my freedom.)

I have the honor to be your Excelly's ob. servt.

Wrote at the request of the Inhabitants of the Banks.