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Letter from Anthony Lytle to Richard Caswell
Lytle, Anthony
December 05, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 316-317

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Camp Turkey Branch, 5th Dec'r. 1778.


I have made to Brigadier Genl. Rutherford a return of the Continental officers together with the new Levies from the District of Hillsboro and Salisbury agreeable to orders from himself, from whom your Excellency will receive a return generally. I have taken the liberty to return particularly by Counties placing the Continental officers in the Counties wherein they usually reside. Major Armstrong to whom you directed as Continental Commanding officer in the District of Salisbury was absent from the District when the Express arrived. Captain Nelson who then was commanding officer did not receive the orders until the 8th day of November when he gave the necessary orders. The District being very large, also very few Continental officers, are the reasons that I am obliged to assign to your Excellency for so small a number of Levies from some Counties, and none from others.

Col. Thackston before this no doubt has given reasons, that so few are from the Counties of Wake and Chatham, in Hillsboro District, he being commanding officer in that Districtwhen last I

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wrote your Excellency, I have not received other orders than the proclamation other than what I received from Rutherford.

I am your Excellency's Mo. Obedt. Servt.