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Letter from Griffith Rutherford to Richard Caswell
Rutherford, Griffith, ca. 1721 - 1805
December 05, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 317-318

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Camp Turkey Quarter, December 5th 1778.


Agreeable to your Excellency's request, I sent to you by the earliest opportunity, a just return of all the Troops which compose the Brigade now under my command. They are new Levies almost to a man; when they were furloughed at Moore's Creek, their arms were transferred to Halifax and put under the care of Col. Long. I would have informed your Excellency of this matter before now, but waited 'till I could get a general return of the Brigade.

A large quantity of provision is purchased at £4 per hundred weight for flour and £5 for Beef. Pork cannot be had as yet. A small quantity may be had at £8. A sufficient quantity of Beef and Flour may be had for the support of the troops during the Campaign, but at higher rates.

The Contractor and Quarter Master each have received of Mr. Thomas Blount very considerable sums of money, but that will soon be expended. As soon as possible we would desire to see the Pay Master as well on the account of the Troops as Contractor and Quarter Master. I have been much retarded in my march by reason of the tardiness of the Troops in collecting. By comparing this my General return with number which should have been raised in the District, you will readily see the number of Delinquents.

I have Capt. Falls & Company, who are light Horse patroling the different Counties in the District in order to take in custody those who have not joined their Regiment according to orders. I thought to have made your Excellency a particular return of the men, who have paraded from each County, but I find it impracticable.

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We are now in South Carolina within ten days' march of Camden, and design without the orders be countermanded to march directly to Charles Town.

The one third of the Militia in the State of South Carolina are drafted, & are to begin their march 7th Inst. I am Sir, with particular respect

Your most ob. huml. Servt.