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Letter from Richard Caswell to Benjamin Lincoln
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
December 08, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 320-321

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Kingston 8th Dec. 1778.


At length the Troops from the No. & Eastern Districts of this State have crossed the River, at this place. The whole I expect will join Genl. Ashe at Elizabeth Town six days hence from

-------------------- page 321 --------------------
whence they will be able to reach Charles Town in about a fortnight. I am much concerned to know the greater number of the Militia who have fire arms, have such as are by no means fit for service, and many of them have no arms at all. I flatter myself notwithstanding Gov. Lowndes' information to me, that arms will be furnished them.

I have received a Resolution of Congress recommending to this State to give you every assistance towards the reduction of Florida. This Resolution shall be laid before the General Assembly at their first meeting, (the first Monday in January) and their Resolutions thereon. I shall do myself the Honor to communicate to you.

My son (Col. Caswell) will wait on you with this, to whom I beg your Countenance so far as is consistent.

I have the honor to be with very great esteem and respect, Sir,
Your most Ob. Servt.