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Letter from James Iredell to Richard Caswell
Iredell, James, 1751-1799
December 31, 1778
Volume 13, Page 341

-------------------- page 341 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Edenton 31st Decr. 1778.


As I had the honor to be appointed to the great office which I lately held with peculiar marks of kindness and distinction, gratitude, as well as duty required, that I should give my reasons in a very particular manner for so early a resignation. This I did in the letter which I had the honor to write to your Excellency on that occasion, and I flatter myself your Excellency would have been pleased to acquaint the General Assembly at their next meeting with the motives which actuated my conduct. I have had the concern to find however, that the urgency and importance of the public business for which the Assembly was specially called to their last session, prevented your Excellency's attention to me in the manner I had hoped and expected. I am well assured the omission arose from this circumstance only, but as the justification of my conduct, in a matter of so much importance to my reputation, and where it may be easily liable to misconstruction, is a subject of much anxiety to me, I hope your Excellency will be so obliging as to lay my letter of resignation now before the Assembly, in order that they may be assured that no light or capricious motives influenced either my acceptance or my resignation of the great honor conferred on me.

I flatter myself your Excellency will excuse the trouble I thus desire to give you, and the liberty I presume to take in enclosing a Copy of my letter, as possibly your Excellency may not have the original with you at Halifax.

I am with great respect Sir, your Excellency's obed &c.