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Notice by Timothy Pickering concerning the court-martial of Edward Vail [as printed in the North-Carolina Gazette]
Pickering, Timothy, 1745-1829
February 1778
Volume 13, Page 372

North Carolina Gazette February 20, 1778.

The printers in the State of North Carolina, are requested to publish in their Newspapers, the following advertisement. At a general court martial held at White Marsh, in the state of Pennsylvania, on the 2d Day of December 1777, by order of his Excellency Genl. Washington.

Capt. Vail of the second North Carolina battalion, charged with Cowardice, at the battle of Germantown, was tried, found guilty of that crime, and sentenced therefor to be cashiered; and to have his crime, name, place of abode, and punishment, published in the newspapers in and about the camp, and of that particular state from which he came; and that it should be deemed scandalous for any officer to associate with him.

This sentence was approved by his Excellency the Commander in Chief; and in pursuance thereof is transmitted to the printers for publication.