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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Advertisement concerning the sale of imported goods [as printed in the North-Carolina Gazette]
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March 06, 1778
Volume 13, Page 378

-------------------- page 378 --------------------
North Carolina Gazette March 6, 1778.

Just arrived in Cape Lookout Bay, from France, the Frigate Ferdinand, mounting 36 guns, with 200 men, Monsieur de Gateneau, one of the king's officers, commander, who has imported the following goods, which will be sold at the town of Beaufort, Carteret County, on the 12 day of March next, viz. Nails of all sizes, blankets of all qualities, woolen cloths of all sorts, woollen, thread, and silk stockings, woollen and thread night caps, woollen and cotton cards, sweet oil, window glass, wine glasses, sewing thread and silk, twine, paper, green tea best quality, nankins, mercery ware, medicines of several kinds, linen, sail cloth, black pepper, loaf sugar, fine and common salt in Hogsheads and bags, silk and thread handkerchiefs, hats, Burgundy, Madeira, and Bordeaux wine, Cognac brandy, shoes, rum, leather, ropes and cables, shirts, and sheets for hospitals, umbrellas, calicos, coffee, millinery ware, pins and needles, buttons for uniforms, cordials, harpsicord and violin strings, gold watches, silk gown patterns, cambrick, copperas, hardware, plumes for ladies and officers, paintings of all colours, gold and silver shoulder straps for officers, &c. &c.