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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Memorial from militia officers of Rowan County concerning service in the Continental Army
Locke, Francis, 1722-1796; Et Al.
Volume 13, Pages 389-390

The address of the Militia Officers of the County of Rowan.

To Messrs. The Speakers and Members of the Genral Assembly in the State of North Carolina sitting at Newbern April 1778.


With hearts deeply impressed with the sense of the importance of pursuing the most effectual measures for the safety and happiness of this as well as that of the other United States, permit us to address you on the subject of the Regular service for our mutual defence.

We cannot omit expressing our approbation of the respectable footing on which you have placed the Militia of this State by two late acts of Assembly in order that they may be ready in case of an invasion or any sudden Alarm; but from our own experience we can assure you that from the frequent calling forth the industrious yeomenry of this country into the field many great inconveniences arise, one of which only we shall mention which is the hindrance of Tillage and consequently a scarcity of provisions, which in our humble opinion we may have more reason to dread than any reinforcements that may be sent to Genl. Howe, and according to our conception of service in the field Regulars are greatly preferable to Militia for many reasons that will readily occur to you.

We on our part (and are persuaded that of our neighboring Counties) would willingly submit to any Tax that could be reasonably

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laid on us together with the other parts of the State in order to augment our Continental Army or be subject to any other provision for that purpose that in the power of this State to make.

We further humbly conceive that some early measures ought to be passed in order to preserve or provide Lands for those officers and soldiers of this State who are abroad in the regular service, and to whom we are under such obligation. And that no unfavorable construction may be put on this address we can with great sincerity assure you that whenever the exigencies of this country may require it, none will be more ready to step forth for the common defence than, gentlemen,

Your most obedient and most humble Servants
Francis Locke, Colo.,
Alex. Dobbin,
Jas. Smith,
David Caldwell,
Joseph Dickson,
Moses Dinsley,
John Polk,
George Harvey Beryer,
Israel Cox,
Jas. Craige,
William Willson,
Eb. Jackson,
William Armstrong,
Hugh Hall,
Patrick Morrison,
Walter Sharp,
Galbraith Falls,
David Smith,
Charles Dunn,
William Bell,
James Purviance.