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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Thomas Henderson to Richard Caswell
Henderson, Thomas, 1752-1821
June 18, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 446-447

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

Guilford, 18th June, 1778.


I am called upon by Captain Rhodes of this County to write to your Excellency informing you of some disputes that hath arose in his Company, in balloting for soldiers under the late Act of Assembly, to go to the Northward, the particulars of which I beg leave to write to you at large, to the best of my knowledge & information. Capt. Rhodes, pursuant to the Law and agreeable to his orders from the Colonel (at the Day appointed) convened his Company, and as there were not volunteers enough turned out to make his Quota of men, they proceeded to ballot & choosed two men, who since by a Court Martial held by the Militia Officers, were cleared from their draft, under a pretense that they had enrolled their names with some other Captain before the

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Day of balloting. One of these men is one of the Majors of this County, the other a private person who never was called upon to muster before that Day. They both live in Capt. Rhodes' District, & I am authorized to assure your Excellency that they never were entered in any Captn's List until the Day they were balloted. What Capt. Rhodes desires to know of you, Sir, is whether they had not a right to ballot these men (when living in his district) and whether the Court Martial had any right to give them a Discharge afterwards. Your Excellency's sentiments on the matter by the bearer (Ezekiel Thorp) to Capt. Rhodes will Oblige, Sir,

Your Dutiful & Very Humble Servt.,