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Extract from the North-Carolina Gazette concerning a solar eclipse
No Author
June 26, 1778
Volume 13, Page 450

North Carolina Gazette,

Newbern June 26, 1778.

On Wednesday last, the great eclipse of the sun, as calculated by astronomers in the almanacks, and said to happen in this latitude, and be visible here, was observed with great attention, and some surprise to the ignorant, the weather being tolerably clear, and the moon's passage over the sun's disk being distinctly seen during the whole immersion. This was the greatest eclipse of the sun ever seen here by the eldest people now living among us, and exhibited a scene truly awful. The gradual obscurity of the sun, the decrease of her light, the sickly face of nature, and at last the total darkness which ensued, the stars appearing as at midnight, and the fowls seeking for their nightly shelter, caused a solemnity truely great, and, tho' proceeding from a natural cause, the moon's passing between the sun and our earth, which she must necessarily do in certain periods in different latitudes, was beheld with astonishment and gratitude to the supreme Ruler of the universe, by whose almighty power the motions of such vast bodies are regular and uniform, and the delightful system of the world kept entire and complete.