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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Richard Caswell to Theodorick Bland
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
June 29, 1778
Volume 13, Page 453

-------------------- page 453 --------------------
[The Bland Papers. Vol. 1, Page 89.]

Dobbs 29th June, 1778.


I had your favour of the 20th instant handed me this day by Capt. Medici, whom I would most willingly supply, agreeable to your request, if it were in my power, but such are our finances at present, that the sum necessary for him cannot by any means be advanced. We have lately been disappointed in receiving money from the continental treasury, and I am much distressed thereby, having, in full expectation of having it reimbursed, borrowed considerable sums for public use on my own credit; such is the case, and if the public service is retarded in this instance, I wish it may prove the only one occasioned by Congress failing to supply this State with the necessary sum required. I was impowered by the Assembly to draw on the continental treasury for 300,000 dollars to defray the expenses of raising and marching men from this State to complete our continental battalions; I did so, and sent on for the money; the messenger waited at York upwards of twenty days, and then returned with onethird of the sum drawn for, which will not pay more than the bounty of 1000 volunteers, when 2600 and odd were ordered to march. I ask pardon for troubling you with this state of the matter, but 'tis to show how deficient we are in the article of cash.

I am, with great respect, Sir, your most obedient servant, &c.,