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Letter to Jonathan Dunbibin to William Hooper
Dunbibin, Jonathan
July 28, 1778
Volume 13, Page 462

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

Wilmington, July 28th 1778.


I have taken the liberty of inclosing to you an affidavit concerning a Claim allowed by the last Congress that was held at Halifax the sum £24—some odd shillings and pence that I cannot recollect but will appear by the record of the claims allowed at that time, which you will do me a singular favor if you would have it renewed as the Claim is not to be found and I have been a considerable time out of the money. I inclose you Mr. Johnston's Letter which certifies he has rec'd no such Claim. I shall likewise get a line from Genl. Ashe to the same purpose and forward to you. I have also inclosed a Claim for £25 in lumber taken by the Publick to make Camps for the Soldiers at Jump Run. This claim I produced at Halifax to the Committee of Claims and it would have been allowed had it not been for Mr. Persons who was one of the Committee at that time. I had Col. Long to testify that a great quantity of Lumber was taken from a number of persons in this town which the Publick had no account taken of. I am exceeding sorry to give you so much trouble. Could I render any Service in return it shall be complied with cheerfully.

I am with respect Sir, Yr. most ob. Servt.