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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Resolution by the North Carolina General Assembly concerning delegates to the Continental Congress
North Carolina. General Assembly
August 12, 1778
Volume 13, Pages 467-468


State of North Carolina.
In the House of Commons, 12 August 1778.

At this critical and interesting period when the offairs of these United States have so promising an appearance, and with wisdom in Council and Valour in the Field will in all probability issue happily, it is highly incumbent on the good people of this State, that their representation in the Continental Congress should be large enough to secure a Constant attendance of Members sufficient to cooperate with the Delegates of the other States, and to signify the assent of this State to such measures as Congress in its wisdom may think fit to adopt. And as from the great distance of North Carolina from the place where Congress has been heretofore held, and is at present sitting, frequent journeyings thither is attended with almost insupportable fatigue, or the members who have been detained there during the time of their appointment have undergone a painful separation from their Families, and their private business has been totally neglected, and in some cases from indisposition of the Members on the spot or other accidents, which whilst the Representation of this State continues so small cannot be provided against, this State has in some Cases been totally without a representative, much to the prejudice of its interests and rightful importance in the Councils of America.

Resolved therefore that two members shall be added to the Delegation of this State who shall be and continue in office for and during the Term of one Year unless sooner removed by the Assembly of this State; of which five members, three and no more shall unless prevented by unavoidable accidents attend the Councils of Congress, and any two of them present in Congress shall have full power and authority by their vote or assent to bind the inhabitants of this State in all cases not inconsistent with the Constitution thereof and its rights and Privileges as an Independent Sovereign People, and the Instructions they shall receive from this State.

-------------------- page 468 --------------------

Resolved that the Delegates so attending in Congress shall each and every of them during their stay where the Congress shall sit, and in going thither and returning from thence receive an allowance at the rate of sixteen hundred pounds per Annum for such portion of their year as they shall be so employed in the public service; and that the said five Delegates may in such manner as shall best consist with their several & respective conveniences settle by common consent the rotation of duty, and be at Congress or at home as they can agree provided such regulation strictly consist with the nature and intentions of this appointment.

By Order.
John Hunt, C. H. C.

In the Senate, 12 August, 1778.
Concurred with.

Extract from the Journal.

John Hunt, C. H. C.