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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Richard Caswell to James Hogun
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
May 26, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 101-102

[From Executive Letter Book.]

North Carolina, 26th May, 1779.

Dear Sir:

I have had the honor of receiving several of your favors from Philadelphia, which have remained unanswered until now, merely that I might have an opportunity of informing you the determination of the Assembly respecting the matters by you mentioned regarding the Troops.

Enclosed you have a Resolution of the Assembly of the 15th Inst., respecting the officers of the No. Carolina line, which I hope will prove agreeable to you and those Gentlemen whom it relates to in service with you.

-------------------- page 102 --------------------

I have written to the Delegates of this State in Congress to require the Troops to be ordered to return, that they may be marched to South Carolina, where they are much wanted, the enemy being in the neighborhood of Charleston. If this be granted, I expect to have the pleasure of seeing you on your march. Mr. Craike, in pursuance of a Resolve of the Assembly directing clothing for the Troops to be purchased, is doing all he can. Some materials are making up, and I flatter myself will be ready by the time you arrive, if allowed to come this far, tho' perhaps that may be prevented, as the enemy have made a descent on Virginia, taken possession of Portsmouth and totally burnt and destroyed Suffolk, and threatened So. Quay and Edenton with desolation. You may find business to do before you reach this.

I shall be glad to hear from you on every occasion. At present I am much hurried; you will for that reason excuse my not writing you more fully,

And believe me to be, very sincerely, dear Sir,
Your mo. ob. Servt.,