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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Richard Caswell to Whitmel Hill, John Penn, and Thomas Burke
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
May 26, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 102-104

[From Executive Letter Book.]

North Carolina, 26th May, 1779.


I have the honor of enclosing sundry Resolutions of the General Assembly, in their late session, to-wit; 10th May, respecting Delegates and vesting them with powers; 14th May, requiring the Troops of this State in Continental service to be ordered to the assistance of South Carolina; same day, requesting Congress to furnish two and a half millions of Dollars towards defraying the expence of recruiting, cloathing and marching the Troops; same day, requesting Congress to grant further time for carrying in the Emissions of Monies, dated 20th May, 1777, 11th April, 1778, 15th

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May, empowering the Governor to draw on the Continental Treasury for 2½ Millions of Dollars.

The Enemy having entered the Southern parts of the State of South Carolina, and penetrated as far as the vicinity of Charlestown, shews the necessity of our having a greater Force in that quarter. The enemy, having also entered Virginia, taken Portsmouth and destroyed Suffolk, & threatened Edenton and other parts of this State, will prevent our affording that assistance of our Militia to the Southward, which we otherwise might do. These reasons, I flatter myself, will account for the Assembly's resolve to require the return of our Continental Troops, and I beg leave to press your attention to that Resolve, and request that you will, in the most earnest manner, solicit Congress to order such of our Continental Troops as are now to the Northward in service to return that they may march to the aid of South Carolina.

You will also be pleased to lay before Congress the Resolve requiring further time for carrying in the two Emissions of money directed to be called in, and endeavour to obtain a Resolve of Congress to that effect.

In pursuance of the Resolve empowering me to draw for money on the Continental Treasury, I have drawn for two million and five hundred thousand dollars, to be paid to you, or any of you, on your order, which Draft is also enclosed. The difficulties which we experienced formerly, and the disappointments we met with when I sent a Gentleman to the Treasury on purpose to receive the money in consequence of my former draft for 500,000 dollars, has prevented my taking the same method at present, and will account for my giving you the trouble of receiving this money and sending it here, which I take the liberty of requesting you to do, when practicable, in the speediest manner possible.

For your further information of the proceedings of the Assembly, I enclose you a Copy of an Act for raising regular Forces, and a Copy of a Resolve, relating to our Continental officers; they have also passed an Act for allowing salaries, &c., wherein it is directed that each of the Delegates shall be allowed at the rate of five thousand pounds pr. year for the time they shall be on Duty. They have also directed arms and clothing for the soldiery to be purchased, which, if effectual, will answer very good & salutary purposes.

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I have the honor to be, with great respect and esteem, Gentlemen,
Your mo. ob. Servt.,