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Letter from John Alexander Lillington to Richard Caswell
Lillington, John Alexander, 1720s-1786
June 09, 1779
Volume 14, Page 114

-------------------- page 114 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

June 9th, 1779.

Please your Excellency.

Agreeable to your orders I immediately sent off to the Colonels of the District, with proper directions about the men that are to be raised, and then proceeded to Town to see for officers to receive the men, but could not hear of one that is now in Commission but John Scull, who is to return soon to his department. Here are many deserving young Gentlemen that are dismissed by the Assembly who would cheerfully enter again in the service if your Excellency thinks proper to appoint them. Mr. Beaufort, who will hand you this, is one who has been some time in the service, and has, from all accounts, behaved himself well from all that I have heard of him. Col. Davis thinks he has been hardly dealt by; he belonged to the first Regiment and was dismissed by the Assembly as he was returning to camp with men that he had enlisted. He was Lieut.-Col. in the Army and would be obliged to your Excellency for a commission agreeable to his rank. As to removing the Magazine, I will take the liberty to refer your Excellency to Col. Young's letter in answer to mine. I shall be extremely glad to have, by this opportunity, a line from you, directing me what step in this case I am to take. This favor will greatly oblige, sir,

Your Excellency's Mo. ob. huml. Servt.,
Gov. Caswell.