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Letter from Griffith Rutherford to Richard Caswell
Rutherford, Griffith, ca. 1721 - 1805
June 28, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 132-133

[From Executive Letter Book.]

June, 28th day, 1779.


Immediately on the reception of your letter I gave orders to the different Colonels to make their returns. I received them in the order I send to you. I have received no return of the men raised agreeable to the late Act of Assembly. I am confident the number is very few. Provision in this part of the State is very scarce. Should be glad to know in what manner the men drafted to relieve those now in service are to be provided for. The sooner purchased the cheaper. There is not one Continental officer in the District to my knowledge.

Our Frontiers are greatly distressed with Tories and Robbers in Burke. There is a Band that rob publicly all the friends of the common cause, and openly declare they will not injure the subjects of his Majesty. They have committed many depredations, and continue in the practice. I have ordered a party of men to apprehend them, but they have so many correspondents, friends and protection, that it is impracticable to take them. Yesterday I had the deposition of three men, informing me that in Burke there was a conspiracy; that after harvest the conspirators were suddenly to rise and put to death all the principal officers in that County and those adjacent; that they were to destroy the common people and march off to the Enemy. Some of them are apprehended and committed to gaol. One of them has, in part, confessed being guilty of the charge. By some means or other every person confined in Gaol are set at liberty; a most notorious horse thief and person guilty of high treason lately made his escape from the Gaol of the District. It must be that they have friends convenient who give them aid. Without a Guard on the

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Gaol, no Villain can be confined. I should be glad of your orders respecting it. In what manner to proceed against these Robbers and Tories I know not. I have men out observing their conduct, and expect thereby to make some valuable discoveries. It is certain that there are officers from the British Army recruiting men for his Majesty in the said County. The Robbers have killed three persons; the Savages have lately killed two men on Clinch River; the Inhabitants of Washington are greatly alarmed.

I am, sir, with great respect,
Your Mo. ob. Servt.,
Gov. Caswell.

P. S. Pray let me know whether the Treasurer of this District must go down with his security to give Bond to you, or if giving Bond to the Clerk of the County Court may not answer the same purpose.