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Letter from John Alexander Lillington to Richard Caswell
Lillington, John Alexander, 1720s-1786
July 05, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 140-141

[From Executive Letter Book.]

July 5th, 1779.

Please your Excellency.

Agreeable to your orders, I have sent you the returns of all the Counties in this District excepting Brunswick, which I could not get from Col. Wingate. He will not even condescend to answer

-------------------- page 141 --------------------
a letter, altho' often wrote to. I believe it is long since he has called a muster. I think it is high time that there should be notice taken of him, otherwise we may exclude the County altogether, and have nothing to say to it. Col. Young was with me yesterday. He says that the Inhabitants of Wilmington are very uneasy about the Magazine, and want it removed out of Town, for fear of fire, as the Town had like to have been burnt down the other day. There is a vessel ready to take it in, which Mr. Green is putting his stores in. As I have not yet seen any resolve of the Assembly for removing it, nor your Excellency's orders, I would not do it. I shall be much obliged to you, Sir, to let me know when I may send Mr. Jones in for the money to pay off the men that were some time ago embodied. As I have been obliged to hire men to send to the different Counties with Expresses to the Colonel, I should be glad to know what the State allows express, as I may know how to govern myself in that case. Col. Young informs me that his officers complain of not having Commissions given them. I suppose it is the case throughout the District. He says that Mr. Alston brings account that the British Troops have left the State of South Carolina. This news has put our Wilmington Gentry in great terror. They are packing up their alls, expecting a visit every moment.

I am, Sir, with due respect,
Your mo. ob. humbl. Servt.,