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Letter from Richard Caswell to Allen Jones
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
July 05, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 141-142

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Kingston, 5th July, 1779.


I received your favor of the 2d enclosing a general return of your Brigade, and of the men raised under the late act of Assembly. I am sorry to find from such returns as have come to hand the number of men raised by the Militia men as Continental Troops, so very far short of that required. I do not believe there will be more than 1-10 raised by hiring men, so that the drafts

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from the Militia will exceed the number required in the last draft (those who marched under Genl. Butler), but the particular number cannot be ascertained until I get all the returns. The Council is sitting here, and as soon as the returns arrive so as to enable me to fix the quota for each County, orders will be sent by expresses for the drafts. But how the Bounty is to be paid, or the men marched without money, I know not. None is arrived from Congress, nor have I heard from thence on that subject, tho' immediately after the late session I drew in favor of our Delegates for the whole sum required by the Assembly, and requested them, by expresses sent for that purpose, to have it sent on in the usual way under an escort with all possible expedition, nor is there any money making by the Commissioners that I can learn.

I have not the least intelligence that can be relied on. Sharpe, the Rider for Congress, passed at Whitfield's Friday last, showed a Hand Bill containing some accounts of the enemy to the Southward being attacked in their post at Stone's and driven from thence with some loss on both sides. Those who have seen the Bill have given me a very imperfect account; I, therefore, will not venture to relate particulars, and I make no doubt you have before this obtained better information on that head, as Sharpe's way was thro' Halifax, and he is very communicative. He said Despatches were left by him with Genl. Ashe for me, but they are not come to hand, and as I know Sharpe to be a great liar, do not believe he brought any.

I am, with great regard and esteem, Dr. sir,
Your mo. ob. Servt.,