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Letter from Richard Caswell to Allen Jones
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
July 07, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 142-143

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Kingston, 7th July, 1779.


Enclosed you have a scheme of a draft to be made from your

-------------------- page 143 --------------------
Brigade towards completing the 200 men directed to be raised by a late act of Assembly.

The situation of the affairs to the Southward makes it necessary that this matter should be immediately attended to. I must, therefore, request that you order the drafts to be made with the utmost expedition, at least so as for the men to Rendezvous at Halifax, on the first day of August, where you will order every thing proper for the march of those men. They are to serve three months after leaving the limits of this State, and will be entitled to the same pay, Bounty and Rations as the Militia now in service in the Southern States. You are to follow the mode pointed out by the Militia Law in making this draft, and the practice had under it. You will be pleased to direct the Contractor in your District to furnish your detachment with provisions sufficient to last them to this place, where you will order them to march to with the utmost expedition after their assembling at Halifax, and give orders for their being sufficiently provided with all necessary arms and accoutrements, wagons and camp articles to enable them to proceed from hence to South Carolina.

Genl. Lillington, being the oldest Brigr. who has not been in service out of the State, will be appointed to the command of the Militia now ordered out. You will be pleased to make me a return of your detachment immediately after the men's assembling at the place of Rendezvous.

In your letter of the 10th ulto. you mention the distresses of the Prisoners at Halifax, and recommend the application of some money in Mr. Jones's hands to the payment of their public allowance. That matter I have referred to the Council, who came to the resolution of which I enclose you a Copy, and request you will be pleased to direct Mr. Jones to carry the same into effect.

I am, with great respect and esteem, Dr. Sir,
Your mo. ob. Serv't.,