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Letter from Richard Caswell to Richard Henderson
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
July 07, 1779
Volume 14, Page 144

-------------------- page 144 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Kingston, 7th July, 1779.


Your favor of the 4th Inst. was delivered me yesterday by Mr. Jett, when the Council was sitting. Your request of a guard to the Commissioners they were made acquainted with. The Board took the matter up immediately, and came to the several Resolutions which I have the honor of enclosing to you. I also take the liberty of sending under cover to you the Commissions for Col. Williams, and Mr. Henderson's appointment, with instructions to both gentlemen, and a warrant in favor of Mr. Henderson, whose Bond you will be pleased to take and transmit to me by first safe conveyance.

Mr. Craike is not returned from the Southward. If he was here I do not know what articles he could supply; I have, therefore, given Mr. Henderson orders to purchase or obtain on the best terms he can such things as the Commissioners really order. If you can send to Mr. Patrick Martin, at Halifax, or Mr. Toomer, at Wilmington, any of the articles wanting, in which they are in possession of (for the commissary of stores), they will be delivered on producing the order, which you will find endorsed on the copy of the Resolves. I wish it was in my power to render further service in this really necessary business, but at present I do not know that I can. If I have omitted anything which you apprehend properly lies with me to do, I wish you to send me advice thereof by express, and believe me it shall be cheerfully attended to.

I am much hurried, and shall only add that I wish you and the gentlemen, your Brother Commissaries, an agreeable undertaking. A fatiguing one I am sure it will be, but be assured if public matters which the duties of my present station oblige me strictly to attend to did not interfere, no private consideration should prevent my sharing that fatigue with you.

I am, Dr. Sir, most respectfully,
Your ob. Serv't.,