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Letter from Richard Caswell to John Alexander Lillington
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
July 17, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 160-161

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Kingston, 17th July, 1779.


Your favor of the 15th was delivered me by Doctor Shed, to whom I have granted the commission you recommended him for.

The removal of the Magazine and Stores must be left entirely to your own judgment, as I cannot pretend to a sufficient knowledge of your part of the county to enable me to fix on any place of security; therefore, the manner in which they are to be removed, and the place where you will be pleased to direct. It gives me pleasure to find your tour of duty to the Southward so agreeable to you. I hope you will be properly provided; everything that I can do toward it shall be most cheerfully attended to.

Mr. William Dickson applied to me, at least a friend in his behalf, for the Commissary's appointment. I informed him that

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on his producing your certificate of his appointment, and giving the usual Bond for faithful discharge of his duty, accounting for public money he may receive in virtue of his appointment, I shall grant him a warrant on the Treasury for such sums of money as may appear to be necessary in his department. The several queries Mr. Jewks states I answer by referring him to the act of Assembly for raising these men, which has a reference to the Militia Law. These Laws must govern, therefore any observations of mine upon them are unnecessary, and at present I have little leisure to peruse them, or inclination, from the Construction the Assembly put on the Law relative to the Spirits last Session, to give an opinion respecting them. As to his continuance in Office, that will depend on you and himself. There will be a paymaster appointed to the Brigade, thro' whose hands all monies, after that drawn by my warrant, must pass.

Mr. Craike is hourly expected here. I shall give him orders to supply your Brigade with every necessary article he possibly can, and such as 'tis not in his power to furnish Mr. Jewks may be furnished with money, at least a warrant on the Treasury, to enable him to purchase such articles as you may order for the use of the Brigade.

I am, very respectfully, Dr. Sir,
Your Ob. Serv't,