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Letter from Richard Caswell to Reading Blount
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
July 19, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 170-171

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Kingston, 19th July, 1779.


You are to proceed, with the greatest dispatch in your power, to Gen'l Rutherford, of the Militia, in the District of Salisbury, and receive his instructions where you are to attend to receive the men hired into the Continental Service by the Militia in that District. These men you are to receive, and all deserters from the Continental Army, and march them to Charlotte, where you will be joined by the Troops from the District of Hillsboro, and receive further orders from me or your Superior Officers. Gen'l Rutherford

-------------------- page 171 --------------------
will appoint persons to furnish provisions for the men until their arrival at Charlotte, where a Commissary will attend—the General will also give every assistance in his power to facilitate your march. I wish you an agreeable service,

And am, Sir,
Your obedient Servt.,

P. S. A return is expected as soon as you think it is practicable.