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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from Edward Starkey to Thomas Burke
Starkey, Edward, d. 1789
January 18, 1779
Volume 14, Page 253

-------------------- page 253 --------------------

White Oak, January 18th, 1779.


From the Love of Justice which has ever distinguished your Character I am induced to recommend the Bearer, Mr. Lillibridge, to your Particular Favour and Protection. He comes to Congress on an appeal from the Court of Admiralty Here. A French Vessel that had been captured by the Enemy & afterwards bro't into this River by the French Mate with the assistance of some of the Inhabitants of this County who had boarded the Vessel at Sea. After the Vessel was bro't in & to an anchor, a Mr. Gibbs and some others, pretending the Vessel to be the Property of the Enemy, made a Seizure of Her. The affair was canvassed in a Court of Admiralty, & and the decree of the Court was in Favour of the French Owner in Hispaniola, Anthonie Pillas, the French Mate, He fulfilling his engagement with Our People for their Assistance in recovering the Vessel from the Enemy and bringing Her into Port. Mr. Gibbs was dissatisfied with the decision of the Court & appealed to Congress, where the Matter now waits for determination.

Mr. Lillibridge will shew you all the Papers respecting the Matter, from which you will be capable of judging of the Merits of it. I shall be extremely obliged to you to give Mr. Lillibridge all the Assistance in your Power.

I am, with respect, Sir,
Yr. most Hble. Serv't,