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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Resolutions by the Continental Congress concerning the defense of South Carolina and Georgia
United States. Continental Congress
February 02, 1779
Volume 14, Page 260

-------------------- page 260 --------------------
[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

In Congress, 2d February, 1779.

Resolved, That Count Pulaski be ordered to march with his legion to South Carolina and put himself under the Command of Maj. Genl. Lincoln, or the commanding officer of the Southern Department.

That the Continental Troops in North Carolina, said to be upon furlough, be immediately called in and ordered to march into South Carolina, & follow the orders of the commanding officer as aforesaid.

That the Governments of Virginia and North Carolina be requested to afford all possible aid to South Carolina & Georgia of men, arms and other necessary articles at the Continental expense.

That orders be immediately issued for transporting to South Carolina, by the most safe and expeditious carriage, 128 lbs. of gun powder & 12 chest of arms at Edenton, & 125 chest of arms at Baltimore—all the property of the United States.

That Col. de Cambray be ordered to repair to Baltimore & Edenton to expedite the transportations; that for this purpose he be furnished with proper Letters from the President of Congress to the governors of Maryland & North Carolina.

That fixed ammunition of 4,000 6 p'rs. & 4,000 4 p'rs. & 4,000 grape Iron shot, 30 Barrels of Musket powder & 2,000 of ball & lead be transported from Philadelphia to South Carolina by Sea.

That the Marine Committee do provide and dispatch a proper vessel with the utmost expedition on this service.

That the Commander-in-Chief be directed to order one or more engineers to repair immediately to South Carolina for the service of the Southern department, if he shall judge it necessary.

Extract from the Minutes.