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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Letter from William Moultrie to Charles Pinckney
Moultrie, William, 1730-1805
February 10, 1779
Volume 14, Page 263

-------------------- page 263 --------------------
(Moultrie's Memoirs of the American Revolution, Vol. 1, pp. 309 & 310.)

Purisburgh, 10th February, 1779.

Dear Sir:

Last night Col. Elbert came into camp, and I am sorry to inform you that our affairs from that quarter do not wear so pleasing an aspect as we have been made to believe. Would you think it? Williamson and Elbert have but 800 men; the back people waiting to see the event between the two armies, though I flatter myself they will come in to us when we get up. Another bad piece of intelligence I am to give you is that a whole regiment of 400 North Carolinians say their time is out, and they intend to march this day homeward. If this should take place among them, as it has done with our militia, it will be of very fatal consequences to this State, and the Continentals that must keep the field may be cut to pieces. I am going to leave this place immediately. Gen. Rutherford and Col. Kershaw are to be left with their militia to guard this post.

I am, &c.,