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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
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Journal of William Moultrie during the siege of Charleston [Extracts]
Moultrie, William, 1730-1805
March 30, 1779 - May 01, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 344-345


[Vol. 1, Page 65.]

Thursday, 30th.

Capt. Bowman, of the North Carolina brigade, killed.

[Vol. 2, Page 67.]

Thursday, 6th.

The Virginians, under Brigadier General Woodford, got in by the way of Addison's ferry, and some North Carolina militia under Colonel Harrington.

[Vol. 2, Page 70.]

Thursday, 13th.

An embrazure at redan No. 7 destroyed; a sergeant and private of the North Carolina brigade killed.

Friday, 14th.

Cannonade and bombard continued. One sergeant of the North Carolinians killed by a cannon ball. One of the militia artillery killed and one wounded.

[Vol. 2, Page 72.]

Tuesday, 18th.

The enemy continue their approaches to the right, within 250 yards of the front of the square redoubt. They threw during the

-------------------- page 345 --------------------
night a great number of shells from sixteen royals and Cohorns, chiefly in the North Carolina camp; one man killed and two wounded.

[Vol. 2, Page 81.]

Friday, 28th.

Lieutenant Campaign, of the North Carolinians, and two privates wounded.

[Vol. 2, Page 82.]

Sunday, 30th.

Lieutenant Hall, of the North Carolinians, wounded; his leg broke by a grape-shot from our own batteries.

[Vol. 2, Page 83.]

Monday, May 1st.

Capt. Montford, of the North Carolinians, wounded, and Mr. Lord, a volunteer in the continental artillery, killed yesterday by a shell in the advanced redoubt.