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Letter from Charles Porterfield to Horatio Gates
Porterfield, Charles, d. 1780
August 09, 1780
Volume 14, Page 546

-------------------- page 546 --------------------

Lynche's Bridge, August 9th, 1780.


I have the Honour To inform You I arived at Lynche's Creeks by 10 O'Clocke at night, & found the Bridge Takun up & plankes thrown in the creeke. By the assistance of the Fence rails we soon replaced them & I was informed by George Martin, living close on the water, that the British left this place about 5 O'Clocke, in the time of the rain, & that they intended halting at Widow Kelly's, two miles distant. This I found True. I advanced with the Horse and part of the Infantry To a ravine on the Road Laying in front of their camp, which I could see by the fires & to be certain I cross'd this place, heard the relief go round, & thought to have Takun the cintury; but he fired on us. I remained here Till day breake, when I returned at the beating of the revillee To this place. I must cross the Bridge to get some refreshment for the Troops, & particularly Our Horses are almost Starved, & nothing but grass in the woods to be got. Should the enemy move I shall continue to follow them & give You the very best information possible. All their Waggons left this early Yesterday & I expect they intend marching this day for Camden, altho' they have given out they intend to make a Stand where they now are.

I have the Honour to be,
With great respect,
Your Hbl. Serv't,
PORTERFIELD, Lt. Colo. U. S. Troops.

P. S. I have posters out To discover their motions. I am just informed by a woman that come from the enemy that their Sides went on To Camden Yesterday & all their waggons.