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Letter from Charles Porterfield to Horatio Gates
Porterfield, Charles, d. 1780
August 20, 1780
Volume 14, Page 568

-------------------- page 568 --------------------

Judy Brown's, one mile from Rudgesly's Mill,
20th August, 1780.


I am now at this place a prisoner of war on parole, with one of my legs quite broke by a musket ball, & without any surgeon to attend me. I have been here since Wednesday last, being only once visited by a surgeon from the Maryland line, a prisoner.

The British officers at Rudgesley's have treated me with the utmost attention & politeness, & have furnished me with such necessaries as in their power; also have wrote To Camden in my behalf, but such is the situation of affairs that I expect no surgeon can be spared.

As my life in this season depends on speedy relief, I have to pray a surgeon skilled be sent To attend for some Time. This, I hope, will be granted, as every indulgence seems to be the wish of those under whose direction I am.

I am Your Hbl. ser't,
Lt. Col. of L. Troops.
Major Genl. Gates.