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Letter from Robert Munford to Horatio Gates
Munford, Robert
August 28, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 576-577


Virginia, Mecklenburg Cy., Augt. 28th, 1780.


I have ordered twelve of my Militia, under the Command of Capt. Lt.Scott, as a Guard to the Waggon sent on with Ammunition and Store from the Magazine in this County to Hillsborough. As soon as I was informed of the unlucky Affair near Camden, I ordered Detachments of my Militia to patrole and guard the several passes upon Roanoke River, to intercept any Militia or Regulars who might attempt to cross without permits from their commanding officers. In Consequence of this Measure, several Delinquents have been apprehended. Capt. Lt. Scott will deliver twelve of these Miscreants, and I shall in a few Days send on a larger Number of these Gentry. I should be happy upon any Occasion to lend my assistance to the Operations of the Army under your Command,

And have the Honour to be,
With the highest Respect,
Yr. Mo. Obt. Hble. Serv.,

-------------------- page 577 --------------------

P. S. If Genl. Gist is with you; be pleased to pay my Respects to him, and inform him I have a Horse of his in tollerable Order, which I can send to him if he has immediate Occasion for him.

R. M.