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Letter from Edward Carrington to Horatio Gates
Carrington, Edward, 1749-1810
September 07, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 600-602


Taylor's Ferry, September 7th, 1780.

Dr. Sir:

Subsequent to my last, & previous to the return of the Express, it was concerted between Genl. Muhlenberg & myself that, as he is at Richmond & sees to the preparation & forwarding Stores, it would be best that I should come on to this place, where he directs the Waggons from Richmond to Halt, & after delivering their loads return again to that place, as he would not otherwise have

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the Necessary means of forwarding more. He concluded that you would be able to furnish from the Army Waggons for taking them further on. Our reasons for my coming to this place were: least there might not be proper Magazines & persons for receiving the Stores, & that the business of forwarding them to you might be lodged & arranged in such hands as might leave you liable to no disappointment. A Brigade of Waggons loaded with Arms & Musquet Cartridges are now on their way from Richmond, with orders to be disposed of agreable to Genl. Muhlenberg's plan, and as there will be no possibility of forwarding them to you without continuing on the Waggons which come from Richmond, or your sending some for them, I now do myself the Honor to apprise you of that circumstance, that the best may be done which your circumstances will afford. If you can possibly spare Waggons for taking them from this Stage without interfering with Genl. Muhlenburg's plan, it would facilitate the transportation of Stores much, as they are a scarce article with us. Your orders on this Head I shall be happy to receive by the return of the Express.

Capt. Bradly is ordered by Lt. Col. Edmonds to repair to Richmond, which will drop the Care & forwarding of Stores from this place into the hands of such Militia Officer as may, from time to time, command the Guard. I take the liberty of Suggesting the propriety of Ordering a Supernumerary Subaltern to take post here for that purpose. This is one amongst a Number of instances in which we are daily suffering through a Want of a proper Arrangement of the Ordnance & Military Store department for the Southern Service. A Commissary of Military Stores, with a Number of Conductors, would Naturally give us the necessary Agents for the care of & forwarding to the different Stations such Stores as are for the service. I have for some time been encouraged to expect a Commissary from Philadelphia, but have hitherto been disappointed. Would it be improper for the Commanding officer of Artillery in the department to make at least some temporary appointments of this Sort?

I shall also be happy to be Honored with your Orders respecting my future disposition. Genl. Muhlenburg's presence at Richmond renders my presence there unnecessary. Could I

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be of any service with the Army I should be happy in coming there, yet perhaps under the present circumstances of the Artillery one Field Officer may be enough there. I am happy in my former Conduct having met your approbation, & shall, wherever employed, study to Merit it in future. It affords me much pleasure to hear you have nearly recovered your Health.

I have the Honor to be,
With much respect, Y. M. obt.,
Lt. Col. Art.