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Letter John Christian Senf to Horatio Gates
Senf, John Christian
September 28, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 656-657


Harrisburg, September 28th, 1780.

The Honorable Genl. Gates.
Dr. General:

This Morning at Nine oClock I arrived at this place, where I found Genl. Huger and Coll. White the later very sick with a fiever. Just when I was to set off for Coll. Williams's, Governor Rutledge arrived here, to go to Hillsburgh; and of Course not gone further this day.

If there should be an Opportunity for Richmond, I would be infinitely oblig'd to you to send me an Order concerning the Business I am agoing upon, that in Case of Necessity I may produce such to the Governor, or to the Generals, where I should have Business with. Upon Conversing with Governor Rutledge You will find it highly necessary. I begg pardon not remembering to You again before I parted. Should not be for all Business, I am going for, no Occasion; still, it will do no Harm—I shall try my Best.

In a Letter to Governor Rutledge from Mr. Penn, I happily conceiv'd Your Intention towards Coles Bridge. I begg to remember the two Boats, which form a flatt, if required, and the two Waggons belonging to it; some tar and Oakum, wh'ch has been left at Wilcock's Iron Works on Deep River they may be of Service.

-------------------- page 657 --------------------

Fifteen Miles from Hillsborough, on the road to Genl. Parsons' in my Coming from Philadelphia, I have been seen laying aSide of the road a Traveling forge, of which one of the Axeltree was broke, and so left in the road, and no Body to take Care of it. I have fergot to mentioned.

I remain, with the greatest respect,
Your faithful Servant,

Genl. Huger request me to inform You that he is to meet the Cavallery tomorrow 22 miles from here.