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Letter from William Kilty to Horatio Gates
Kilty, William
October 11, 1780
Volume 14, Page 686

-------------------- page 686 --------------------

Camden, October 11th, 1780.


I understand the Surgeon's Mate of the 71st Regt., who was taken Prisoner lately on Peedee River, is come in here on Parole, & as he and myself are equally desirous of being exchanged, flatter myself you will endeavor to have it effected, which I presume might be done by your Writing on the Subject to My Lord Cornwallis. I have Signed myself as Surgeon, owing to my having been muster'd as Such, but as I have not received a Commission or Appointment am in hopes I may Still be Consider'd & exchanged as a Mate. Should His Lordship not be of this Opinion, Your requesting my enlargement on Parole, in consequence of the indulgence extended to him, as it appears just, Could not fail, I think, of being attended with Success. I shall write (& if possible procure a letter here in my behalf) to My Lord on the Subject, which I am in hopes will dispose his Lordship to Concur with your requisition. Doctr. Williamson, who takes Charge of this, will inform you of my Situation, from which I make no doubt you will be disposed to afford me every possible Relief.

I have the Honour to be,
With due Respect,
Yr. Most Obt. H. Svt.,
W. KILTY, Surgeon 5th M. Regt.